US$1.2 Billion Traded! Record-Breaking Month for Prime ECN

Nov 2016 turned out to be yet another record-breaking month for PrimeECN, establishing a new milestone in terms of highest number of contracts traded in a month.

The total number of contracts traded in a month for gold & other precious metals also stood at its highest in June. A total of 2813 contracts valued at $1.21 billion were traded for the month of November, 2015 - surpassing the previous record of 2242 contracts that was achieved in January, 2015.

Victor Sturges, Chief Executive Officer, PrimeECN, commented, “This record-breaking trading month is a testament to our business strategy, excellent product offer, service ethos and the hard work of all the teams at PrimeECN which has enabled the business to take full advantage of upswings in market volatility.”

We'd like to thank all our incredibly valued clients who have supported us to achieve this milestone.


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