PrimeConnect™ simplifies your trading day by consolidating activities into a single workspace and providing the tools you need to achieve best execution on every equity, futures, and commodities order. Customizable benchmarks and other real-time analytic tools help you manage your trades as they are executed, so you can take action before it’s too late.

What else can PrimeConnect™ do for you?

PrimeConnect™ offers an advanced multi-asset execution tool that provides:

  • Access to 350+ global, broker destinations, including Algos, darkpools, blackbox and ECNs futures algo & DMA access, an integrated platform with GUI,
  • Access to the PrimeConnect™ FIX Network
  • Deep multi-bank liquidity and quick execution
  • Prices for FX, commodities, Indices and more
  • Use your own trading platform or become our white label partner for free
  • Easy implementation
  • Dedicated technical suppport