PrimeECN provides a rapid time-to-market, low cost approach which incorporates the best practices needed to launch a retail brokerage operation quickly and efficiently. Offered as a software-as-a-service on PrimeConnect Broker, deployment and integration is fast and simple.

PrimeConnect Broker is a customizable solution which encompasses the same core features as PrimeECN, but offers greater scalability and adds the ability to completely tailor the solution to a retail broker and its clients' needs. Additionally, the reporting layer can be seamlessly integrated into existing trade reporting portals with single sign-on and a 'white label' user interface.

PrimeECN offers Direct Market Access and a variety of data solutions for automated trading with a range of third party execution platforms and API feeds are also available from ISVs.

Key Advantages:

  • Deep liquidity from over 30+ top tier banks, prime brokers and other market participants
  • Spot commodities, index & futures
  • Competitive pricing and tight spreads
  • Low latency data and co-location facilities
  • Unmatched execution and liquidity
  • Truly anonymous trading facility
  • Proprietary trading technologies - no bridges or 3rd party api
  • Innovative backoffice suite
  • Low cost setup - 7 days turn around time

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